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Honing Cylinder Tube Manufacturer and Hard Chrome Plated Bars Supplier

Honest Prosper Industrial Co., Ltd. is a specialized company of honed tubes, hydraulic cylinder tubing, cylinder tubes, seamless stainless steel honed tube, hard chromium plated bars, piston rod, Internal Honed with External Hard chrome plated tube, Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes, Steel Hollow Bars, Hydraulic Cylinder Rod, Pneumatic Cylinder Tubes, Aluminum Alloy Tube for Pneumatic Cylinder; any kinds of Honed Tube & Hard Chrome Plated Bars for Hydraulic Cylinder ( Pneumatic Cylinder ); with all kinds of automated machines parts...... etc.

Other fluid power products; we stock include chrome plated bars and honed tubes for hydraulic cylinder.

We export over 95% with oversea. Likes USA, Europe, Australia, Mid Ease, Asia¡Kand get a good appreciation from our customers. We'd also like to inform you that OEM & ODM of all kinds of our products are very welcome as well; as a matter of fact, we had a lot of successful experience with our customers all over the word, the qualities of our products are definitely guaranteed.

  • Insisting to be the best is our guarantee.
  • Honesty / Positive /Innovation / Quality is the top priority / Customer's satisfaction
  • Professional Quality, Climbing up to The Top of The World.
  • Progress is our most important products; Top-Most Quality / Prompt Shipment
Product Selection

Hydraulic Cylinder Tube , Honing Tube - Carbon Steel Honed Tube

  • Honed Steel Tubes for Hydraulic Cylinder Pipes
  • Stainless Seamless Steel Honed Tube
  • Chrome Plated Tubing
  • Hard Chromium Plated Tube
  • Seamless Precision Carbon Steel Tube
  • Extra-Thin Seamless Stainless Steel tube
  • Cylinder Piston Rods, Hydraulic Cylinder Rods , Hard Chrome Plated Bars

  • Hard Chromium Plated Bar / Piston Rod
  • Chromium Plated Steel Rod
  • Chrome Plated Tubing / Hard Chrome Plated Hollow Bar
  • Pneumatic (Air) Cylinder Tubing , Stainless Steel Cylinder Tube

  • Pneumatic Aluminum Cylinder tubes
  • ISO6431 Aluminum Air Cylinder tube
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder Tubes
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Rods-Chrome Shaft , Chrome Plated Tubes - OD

  • High-Carbon Induction Hard Chrome Bar
  • Induction Hard Chrome Plated Steel Bar
  • Hard Chromium Plated Tube and Internal without Honed
  • Seamless Stainless Steel Pipes , Seamless Tubing , Hydraulic Tubes

  • Mechanical& Structural Welded Stainless Steel Tubes ASTM A554
  • Stainless Steel Hollow Bar, Seamless/Welded Industrial Stainless Steel Tube ASTM A312
  • Stainless Seamless Steel Honed Tubes
  • Seamless Stainless Steel Cylinder Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Square Tubes
  • Seamless Precision Carbon Steel Tubes
  • Carbon Steel Seamless Oil Tubes - Hydraulic Tubes
  • Honed Tube
  • Diverse Application Areas:
    • Automotive Engineering
    • Mining
    • Material Handling
    • Agriculture
    • Oilfields
    • Textiles Industry
    • Railways
    • Steel Plant
    • Power Plants
    • Marine Equipment

    Please send your Inquiries Honed Tubing for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder to us. We will contact you soon.

    TEL: 886-4-7983078 FAX: 886-4-7995061 Email: pl.tseng@msa.hinet.net , sales@honestprosper.com
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