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Hydraulic Honed Tubes for hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders.

Hydraulic Honed Tubes - Honed Tubes Manufacturers

The material of Seamless Steel Honed Tube are JIS STKM 13C / DIN 2391 ST52.3, SAE A106, any others Carbon Steel products are available too.

The Hydraulic Honed Tube suitable for various kinds of Hydraulic and Pneumatic (Air) Cylinder, Precision Mechanical Tubes, Construct use Multi Joint Tube, Steel Axis Pipe, Injection Machine and Robotic Arm.


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The feature of Honed Tubes:
  • After honed the carbon steel tube has a precision diameter, smooth surface and a best roughness.
  • Has an excellent performance of oil storage, can be work smoothly without pauses, and also has a longer working life.

Hydraulic Honed Tube Manufacturers

Internal Diameter Accuracy :H7, H8, H9
Internal Roughness:Ra0.2 ~ 0.8um
Standard Length: 3 ~ 8 meters
Standard Size of External: OD20 ~ 420mm
Standard Size of Internal: ID18 ~ 350mm
Material: JIS G3445 STKM 13C or Mechanical Construction Use Pipes
Other Specification and requirement can be customers make.
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